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Your baby hits a new growth milestone and need upsize clothes every few months. Let us take care of the outgrown clothes for you!

Soft like a Cloud

Try our incredibly soft and safe signature bamboo fabrics! Sensible to every touch, they are moms' favourite of all time.


With up to 25% Recycle Discount, you benefit from keeping only the necessary. Save your money and energy to be with your loved ones.

More about Gili Family

Enya's favorite safe and soft items

"Enya has always had very sensitive skin type. At the age of two, she unfortunately got neurodermatis condition. While searching for absolutely safe and soft clothes, I found this amazing bamboo material that touched her skin so gently and did not cause any irritation. She is super happy in them since then, through out the day and night."

This bamboo body is so soft

"I wanted to let you know I love the body from your shop!! I’m always putting it on Emma"


Liam is super happy!!

"As soon as the bamboo fabric touched his skin, he immediately put a big smile on. It feels so gentle.

David and Tra

I literally wash this piece three times a week

"It is so comfy for Lucas to move around in this Bamboo outfit. So I ended up reusing it three times a week until he could not fit in it any more"

Lucas's mom

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