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        Gili Closet was formed by friends chatting and mourning about how busy life can be and if only our kids’ clothes could just ‘grow’ with them. And suddenly we thought, why not? We took that silly idea to a daddy, and surprisingly he said: that would be awesome!!! Of course, less time shopping, more time for the family, who doesn’t like that. And so Gili was born: A minimalist world for growing babies.



        The Swedish phrase “Lagom är bast” means “the right amount is best”. We believe that’s the key to sustainable living, a balance that requires much fewer products while giving us much more energy to enjoy life. Everything we do has always been circling around this key value. From curating to packaging each Gili Product, we have always put parents' love, balance, and lifestyle first.



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        Getting your Products right

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        Bringing Gilis to you

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