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        The quality and convenience that we parents need



        As parents, we put extra focus on the following points when curating each Capsule

        • Babies need different detailed attention at each stage of growth

        • Babies' skin is extremely sensitive

        • Babies are not patient being dressed up

        • Babies panic when their head is blocked

        • Babies might scratch their faces while sleeping

        Greater softness from highest quality of Bamboo fabric

        Nothing can be more important than bringing safety and comfortability to baby clothes. That is why we choose Bamboo material as our key feature. Its special moisture-wicking and thermo-control capability brings wonderful qualities for baby skins from day to night time. Its' greater softness and stretch-fit are perfect for sensory development of our babies. We work with our partners on the following innovative materials:
        95% Premium Bamboo and 5% Elastane
        Extremely soft and sensible
        Thermo-control with breathable micro-holes
        Antimicrobial and deodorized
        Protected from UVA and UVB up to 97,3%
        70% Premium Bamboo and 30% Cotton
        The mixed fabric takes great advantage of both materials. It is ideal for your little one to explore the world
        Did you know Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world that requires no pesticides, no fertilizers, and little water to grow. Our Bamboo fabrics are proudly made using Oeko-Tex Standard 100 in a small factory in Vietnam where Bamboo grows organically.



        Proudly made in Vietnam


        Gili Capsule products are proudly produced by our certified partners in Vietnam.
        Why Vietnam? It is our founders' home country where we have a deep understanding of the people, where we are confident that nothing goes behind the scene and the social responsibilities will be ensured.
        Vietnam is also the country of bamboo which is the very ingredient for Gili's featured bamboo products.
        In addition, we are constantly exploring and searching for innovative products that bring happiness and joy to Gili parents.

        Our Certified Partners

        BU Baby is the first brand in Vietnam qualified as Safe Products for Infants and Children and certified by Oeko-Tex Association.

        "We understand how important it is to make the right choice for your child's clothes. That's why all BU products are carefully designed and made from the highest quality natural fabrics, to be safe and soft for babies and infants, especially those with sensitive skin."